How to check-in to Chill lounge

In this blog post, I want to explain how to check-in to one of our office lounges. In order to check-in, you have to sign up and buy one of our packages first. If are not a member and you don't have a package, you won't be able check-in. Still haven't got your membership sorted, do it now.

If you are already a member, here are the steps to check-in to an office chill lounge.

1. Go to check-in page from the main menu in the home page.

2. From the list of "Coworking Lounge" choose the lounge you want to use for the day and click "Book Now" button.

3. If you are booking for the same day, you can select today. If you want to book ahead, you can choose any day from the calendar. Then, click Next.

4. Review your information one last time and then click "Book It" button.

5. You can show the confirmation email to the lounge staff.

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